How It Works

It all starts with a free 30-minute introductory call, which you contact me to set up. Once we decide we’re a good fit, we work together to establish a schedule that suits both our needs. I set aside the allotted session time for you, and you use as much or as little of it as you need to suit your schedule and needs at that moment, which may vary from session to session (it’s about what we accomplish, not how long it takes). All coaching sessions are held via telephone. You will call me at the scheduled time at 725-333-CORE(2673).

Coaching is a confidential relationship, with responsibilities defined in a coaching agreement we both sign at the beginning of our work together. Some key responsibilities we both have to the relationship include showing up, being fully present for the interaction and each other, being honest and forthright with one another, and doing the work (that last one is all yours).

There are two major differences between coaching and the other helping professions: (1) while coaches may be quite skilled and experienced in many areas, coaches are not the experts on your life: you are; and (2) coaching is intended to move an already-healthy individual forward into action and actualization. We may touch on and heal wounds along the way simply due to the potentially profound nature of our work together, but we are not in a therapeutic relationship as our primary objective. We may brainstorm and explore resources for you to tap into for personal and professional growth, but as your coach, any advice-giving “consultant” instincts I might have take a seat at the sidelines. My role is to encourage and support your awareness, exploration, and discovery of your own answers, not step in and give them to you.

Core Integrity Coaching Judy Wolf

During our sessions, we will begin by defining what you want to get out of our time together.

This may take many forms. Perhaps you have a project ahead of you that needs focused action steps and accountability. Or you want to leave the conversation with clarity around a particular issue or experience so you can move forward. The point is, you define the agenda and objective, and I collaborate with you to get there.

By the end of each session, we articulate your goals for the following week(s). These may range from concrete action steps (“By next Wednesday, I will have taken five boxes to the local donation center” or “Before our next all-staff meeting, I will have met with my sales manager to define 12 targets to approach in the next month”) to goals for simply increasing awareness (“I just want to survive this visit to my family having remembered to breathe when I start feeling anxious” or “I will think of three good things that happened each day and share them with my partner before I fall asleep at night”).

Core Integrity Coaching Judy Wolf

I request 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule and will always try to provide the same consideration to you. I will make every effort to accommodate emergencies and life challenges around scheduling, however respect for one another’s time is important to me, so if you are a “no show” and have not notified me of a need to reschedule by the time of our call, that appointment will be considered (and charged as) our session time and will not be rescheduled. If I for any reason do the same thing to you, you will receive another session free of charge in addition to the one we missed, which you can use for yourself or give to a friend.

Speaking of which, for every person you refer to me who makes a three-month commitment to coaching, you will receive a free 60-minute coaching session to use for yourself or give to a friend.

For your convenience, I accept credit and debit card payments, and of course you can cancel at any time if things aren’t working out.

Core Integrity Coaching Judy Wolf