Testimonials: What Clients Have to Say about Working with Judy Wolf

“Working with Judy challenged me to think in new ways, look at problems from a new angle. You can read stuff online – tips on what you should do, how to reduce stress levels, articles from CEOs, that sort of thing – but talking with someone is different. You get feedback and the opportunity to actively think about how to apply it to your own life. As a small business owner, I spend a lot of time pondering for myself what I want to do, but vocalizing it to Judy made me more conscious of my goals – and held me accountable for actually doing it. For example, I had some major financial goals I wanted to achieve, but it was too easy to set them aside. Having Judy there to hold me accountable helped me take action and make great strides toward achieving those goals. Judy herself is a great listener, very personable and understanding. She helped me to take what sometimes felt to me like babbling and turn it into what I was actually trying to say – which helped me see things a new way and opened up new possibilities for my life and business.”
Tom R, Small Business Owner
“Judy started out as my peer coach while getting our coaching certifications from iPEC. Halfway through our first session my decision was made: I hired Judy as MY Life Coach! Her deep intuitive listening, non-judgmental spirit, and inquisitive nature make her an exceptional person to work with. Judy is of outstanding character, completely trustworthy and discreet, which creates a perfect coaching environment.”
Nancy D, Life & Leadership Coach
“Judy, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your work with me in coaching and in going through the ELI process. The system is amazing at identifying hidden blocks and bringing clarity to one’s life. I felt like the ELI results were amazingly accurate. It hit on my strengths as well as my areas in life that need a bit of work. The system is an easy process to relate to, and it gives an amazing visualization on energy and how we can show up in different situations. This is a huge take-away because as I moved forward with this in my mind, I found I was able to see how I was showing up in any particular situation and then identify any shifts that I needed to make so that I could show up in a way that brings more joy, productivity and fulfillment. Your explanation of the ELI and the coaching that followed were clear, concise and empowering. This has truly been a life-changing experience! Thank you!”
Erica V, Realtor & Mom
“Executive leadership can be daunting, with few individuals who have enough understanding to walk through a process with you and yet enough distance to provide the space to speak candidly. Judy created intentional space and facilitated an introspective process that helped me develop a deeper awareness of who I am and who I expect to become, both as a leader and as a human being.

“A number of organizational challenges emerged during the course of my experience with Judy that were complex and required confidentiality. These challenges, like those experienced by so many other professionals and leaders, were in the context of juggling family, maintaining fitness, and in my case working on a Ph.D.

“Despite my high drive toward taking on new challenges, I found that my coaching experience with Judy also helped me identify opportunities to find balance in both my personal and professional life. The reflexive dialogue we engaged in brought me beyond the confines of the particular issue we were addressing at the time and into the internal process that I use to craft solutions and imagine possibilities. Setting aside the time and space to focus on developing this understanding of my process within the context of my values clearly demonstrated to me the impact the coaching relationship can have.”

Ron B, Executive Director
“I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Judy as she helped me though some areas of life I felt anxious and apprehensive about. She helped to clarify my situations and find my way that allows me to move freely through my journey. Thank you, Judy, for helping me to open up and see the world through a clear lens. I appreciate all that you do!”
Jaime C, New Jersey
“Judy Wolf’s gifts and talents as a life coach are well-defined and rival the skill and insight of the top coaches in our industry. Her strong intuition and stellar ability to communicate and articulate complex thoughts with ease and compassion generates a level of trust and comfort in me that I rarely feel. She is a true coach’s coach! I respect her insight, but more importantly, I value myself and my path even more as a result of our partnership and collaboration. Judy’s contribution to my recent Reveal Your Excellence workshop also played a major part in the impact of the event.”
Renai Ellison, The On-Camera Coach!
“I had the opportunity of working with Judy in a debrief of the Energy Leadership Assessment. Judy was right on when debriefing me. I felt understood, reassured and motivated. Judy gained good insight by asking me clarifying questions. It was almost as if she was connecting the dots, and I experienced moments of clarity regarding my actions. I’m a wife, mother of two children, and have a full-time career. The experience of the assessment was very beneficial and valuable. Judy provided a non-judgmental viewpoint and safe space for me to explore my actions and to step into a better balanced life. Thank you Judy!”
Nikkia B, School Social Worker