Caregiving – Thoughts on Guilt & Compassion

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It’s been a rough two months, and during it all, I’ve been thinking a lot about caregiving and compassion. By that I don’t just mean simply compassion toward others, as important as that is. I mean compassion toward oneself. In reflecting on this, I’ve begun to believe that guilt in a caregiving situation may be [...]

How Do You Treat Yourself When You Fall Down?

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Failures, mistakes, embarrassing fumbles – we’ve all been there. We’ve all found ourselves in that agonizing moment of realizing that we just put our foot in it… or made a thoughtless error… or got rejected… or failed to produce our intended result – or, or, or… the list goes on. These things happen to all [...]

The Gift of Discomfort

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Have you ever noticed how desperately we as human beings want to make things better for people we care about? I’m thinking of those times when someone we love tells us something that feels painful or defeated or self-critical or stuck. It’s so natural for many of us to jump instantly into soothing or problem-solving [...]