What is a coach & why would I want one?

Creating a great life is, well, a lifelong endeavor. Here’s the powerful thing about coaching: No matter how self-aware we are, we often can’t see the details without a mirror – and the more accurate and intuitive it is, the more helpful it can be. Our attitude, outlook, and belief systems define our opportunities – after all, how you do anything is how you do everything! – so who you talk to and surround yourself with matters.

Some of us may be fortunate enough to have parents, partners, family or friends who spend time actively listening to us as we face life’s dilemmas, but these people often have “skin in the game” and may want to bring their own opinions, judgments, and ideas of what’s best for you into the mix. Even with excellent supports in place, we are each ultimately responsible for the progress and direction of our own life journey. Only we can know what truly resonates with us and what does not. And sometimes what we truly need is simply a safe and inviting space in which to hear ourselves think.

Given the essential fact that we are each on our own unique path, it is important to consider how we choose to support ourselves in defining and reaching our life goals, both immediate and long-term, in all areas of our lives: personal, professional, relationship, family, financial, health and wellness, creativity, play, and spiritual.

More and more people just like you are finding what you already know (or suspect!) – that there is much positive energy, insight and momentum to be gained by teaming with a professional coach to support you on your journey.

Want some cool statistics about coaching? According to International Coach Federation research, the majority of people who work with a coach report:

Improved self-confidence 80%
Improved relationships 73%
Improved communication skills 72%
Improved life/work balance 67%
Satisfied with the overall experience 99%
Would repeat the process 99%
Core Integrity Coaching Judy Wolf
About Coaching with Judy Wolf of Core Integrity Coaching

Whatever you are working on improving, shifting, or rebalancing in your life or workplace, your coach’s insights and questions will act as a catalyst for the change you seek.

  • Your coach is a non-judgmental, supportive, and positive presence who is not afraid to challenge you to whatever degree you find helpful.
  • Your coach will recognize and celebrate your “wins” – even (and especially) the ones you may overlook or discount.
  • Your coach will help you dive deep in the areas you choose – only when you are ready, of course (it’s always your agenda, your timeline, your choice) – and will be there to walk with you through the fire, swim beside you through the ocean, or leap with you from the cliff and celebrate as you grow wings.

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to step into greater self-awareness and alignment with your core integrity and to define and live your own version of an adventurous and authentic life, call today to schedule an introductory session. You can also follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn for infusions of inspiration in your day-to-day life.

Core Integrity Coaching Judy Wolf