What if you were fully awake, present, fulfilled, and delighted with your life?

What would it be like to respond rather than react – and to choose your own path?

What would it feel like to embrace your vision and step into your own unique and authentic self?

Life is an adventure – don’t miss it!

If you are here reading this, most likely you are a smart, insightful, high-potential person who is deeply loving and capable (probably a caregiver or leader of some kind), strives for engagement and fulfillment, enjoys being of service and learning about yourself and others, and tries to create balance in your life on multiple levels.

But there’s something out of sync or holding you back at the moment. Perhaps something is making you hesitate – or making making you feel uncertain, trapped, stuck, bored, empty. Maybe you have the nagging feeling that there’s got to be more than this. Or you’re frustrated, chafing in your current role – maybe even acting out (we all do it). Or you simply feel like you’re about to explode (or implode, depending on your personal style).

This is more common than you might realize. And the good news is that right now, this instant, you are filled with potential. You are bursting at the seams. You are ready for a great, big shift.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Elizabeth Appell

Judy Wolf - Core Integrity Coaching

And that’s where coaching comes in.

  • Maybe you’re at a transition point in your life, looking for clarity and accountability as you create and move forward into whatever’s next.
  • Maybe you feel burned out and depleted and want to have energy, enthusiasm, and passion that doesn’t feel forced.
  • Maybe you feel stuck or overwhelmed and are looking for a safe space in which to sort out what’s blocking you; rediscover your drive, enthusiasm, and priorities; and take action toward achieving your renewed vision.
  • Maybe you’re redefining yourself after a change of relationship or are ready for a new career path.
  • Maybe you want to take your professional leadership to a new level of awareness and effectiveness or follow your entrepreneurial vision and grow your small business.
  • Maybe you’re asking deep spiritual questions as you search for meaning in your life and are looking for a sounding board and safe, non-judgmental space as you explore new territory and re-imagine your journey.
  • Maybe you’ve simply realized your life is off track or out of balance and you want to rediscover and honor your core values as you realign your priorities and move into action.
  • Maybe you just need a safe, quiet, accepting space in which to take a deep breath and remember who you truly are in the midst of life’s myriad demands.

Wherever you find yourself on your unique life journey, if what you’re seeking is greater self-awareness and the empowerment that comes from making conscious choices that are in line with your core self, then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Judy Wolf, and I am a certified professional coach who uses my deep listening skills and powerful intuition to create a space in which together we explore your vision, challenges, and strengths – generating powerful breakthroughs and a greater sense of fulfillment as you step more authentically into your own life experience and truly live your journey.

The best way to find out if we’re a good fit is to set up an introductory session. This is 30 minutes for us to touch on your dreams, discover a bit about what’s stopping you, talk about what you want out of a coaching relationship, and get a feel for our mutual synergy. If we find we’re right for each other, we can continue working together – and if we’re not right for each other, you’ll walk away with that much more information than you had going into the session.

If you’re not quite ready for that step, instead simply follow me on Facebook to receive motivational and thought-provoking articles, videos, podcasts, guides, images, examples, quotes, and resources – and anything else I create or run across that I think might be of interest to someone crafting an inspired life!

Judy Wolf - Core Integrity Coaching

Just remember: there are no mistakes in life – only opportunities to learn and grow. I look forward to knowing you!

Judy Wolf - Core Integrity Coaching